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Karen, Would not surprise me. They have bought quite a few recently.


We have 80 NMA in 11-6-7 which is the Michael well. Did they say how long it would be before division orders are sent???



I have 10 Acres in 34-6-7 which are yet to be leased. Who is leasing in the area that might be interested? Thanks!


Terisa, UNIT PETROLEUM COMPANY has the only 4 leases in your section so far this year… PRAIRIE OIL & GAS LLC a few leases at the end of 217. Unit again before that.


Have no idea if I’m asking in the right place or not. Would like info on 9 7 7. My understanding is that the JackDavid was spud on Feb 3rd of this year. Has it completed? Haven’t heard anything in a long time. Thanks!


Laura, looks like the Jack David is another well that has been transferred to Camino by Rebellion. The well status is listed as SP, which is the code for spudded.


I looked at the link you posted. Just saw that 104 wells were transferred. It doesn’t appear to be a link, however, as it didn’t respond when I touched it. Why did they transfer all those wells? And how can I find out any info about the Jack David?


Could Rebellion be in financial trouble?


On July 18, 2018 they were in the process of fracking the Jack David. Snapped a photo coming back from a cattle sale that day which was on a Wednesday. .


John, I do not think it is that. Rebellion and Camino both have the same financial sponsor, NGP Energy Capital Management, LLC(“NGP”) and I see they have a mineral mortgage together with a large bank (from Grady County Clerk filings listed on


Is there anything going on s 28 4 n 7 w? Had someone call with interest in buying. Thanks Sammie


It’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to dig around much on here but we’ve run into an issue with late production reporting resulting in a delayed monthly payment from TEP Anadarko - wondering if anyone else has had this type of issue. Also, anyone know of any plans or how I would find out if there are plans for 20N-5W-5N?


Becky, if there were official plans, for 20-5N-5W, you would get mailed notices from the OCC. TEP bought quite a few leases from Eagle Rock back in 2017. Not sure if they have caught up on planned drilling yet.


Thanks for your quick reply! I’ll see if there’s anything I can dig up on that.


Sammie, Nothing official yet in that section, but a whole lot of leasing going on around nearby. First offers on buying are an indication that something is coming. And they are usually low, so I just put them in my files and see what happens.


Sammie, Ward still has the Eng 1-28 productive. No OCC cases right now. Whenever I get a call like that I ask what they are offering and they wait a while. First offers are usually low and are just a tickler.


Sammie, Vitruvian filed for horizontal wells in 12 & 13 back in 2016 and 2017. Gulfport bought them out. So horizontal in the township.


Thank you so much, any info is greatly appreciated . If it’s not too much trouble please update me. Thanks Sammie


Sammie, First offers to buy are usually low (in my experience). If you do not have any need to sell, just sit back and wait. They may know something about future development.