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Do you have a direct contact at CLR that I could speak with and let them know that I am interested in selling my acreage?


Waiting on an email from them. Then I can pass it on.



Got it. Thank you for the reminder. Haven’t had to re-visit the subject in awhile. Time moves forward.


Thank you maam.


Hi we are in 3N 5W too. let’s keep in touch?


24-5N-7W has production from old vertical wells. There is horizontal drilling creeping into the township, so don’t be surprised if you get offers to buy. That doesn’t mean they are necessarily good offers, just that they hope you don’t know about the horizontals. If they eventually drill a horizontal on your minerals rights before the old wells expire, you will be held by the original lease. If the old wells expire before horizontal drilling, you can lease again.

Echo is planning to drill a well in 20-5N-6W, so that is right next door to 19-5N-6W.

At this point, make sure that you have all your inheritance documents safely stored. Ask the executor to give you a value of the mineral rights as of date of death if possible. Use this time to track down the lease copies from the current operators if you did not get the filed. Sit back and wait…


Thank you ! It is so frustrating to wonder what is going on back there, And having no way to find out . Really appreciate the info


Hi, it’s me, with another question ! If Echo drilling is Planning on drilling in section 20, which is my section 19, will triads well be sucked dry or will they share in the oil or gas ? Are these going to be oil or gas wells ? I believe both the wells that were drilled on my grandpa’ s ( Earl Johnson ) land many years ago were gas. Also, this may be a dumb question, but why did They change calling the holding “ tanks” to batteries ?. Thanking you in advance, Joyce Hubbard Kemp


Look up battery and relate to the tanks connected together…


The old wells are in shallow conventional reservoirs.
24-5N-7W has production in the Medrano sands at 7859-7916’ in the Gray well by Triad for example. The Leonard Gray 1-19 in 19-5N-6W in sec 19 has production from the Medrano sands from 7622-7681. Echo is asking for a horizontal well in 20-5N-6W. The are pooling the Mississippian, Woodford @15,260’ and Hunton. The Woodford is the shale source rock for the shallower vertical reservoirs. The Horizontal well will not drain your vertical wells. Completely different kind of reservoir, lots of very tight rock in between. The new wells are 7000’ deeper.


Anybody know if CLR has completed fracking of the #2 and#3 Ramsey Trust wells in 9-7-6? Jim Brock


Ramsey Trust 2-16-9-4XHS was spud on 7/11/18. SL in 21 Ramsey Trust 3-16-9-4XHS was spud on 7/10/18. SL in 16 All the data that is posted.


Martha: Thanks a bunch. I guess they are finished with fracking by now. JimB


My guess would be not yet finished on frac. Maybe someone who lives out there can see it from their window.



I am a working interest owner in these 2 wells and we are drilling ahead at about 12,000’ on both. Slow going as we got stuck on one & had to sidetrack. The other keeps trying to pack off, but finally got intermediate casing set.

Todd M. Baker


Todd: Thanks a heap. I guess this goes with CLRs projection that it will be late in the third quarter before they get production out of the new wells. Jim Brock


Can anyone explain to me if my acreage in 29-9N-7W is Leaseable. It is Lot 10 , SE/4 NE/4, SE/4. I am a bit confused bc there appears to be a pooling App, it is part of a Multi-Unit with 5-8N-7W & 32-9N-7W, but I don’t see that it has been ordered, but there is also an Affidavit stating commencement. I am not sure of the Spacing though and how much of 29-9N-7W is involved. Any chance anyone can shed some light on the issue. I had a call to lease but then the person didn’t quite know if it was leaseable or not. If so what type of price should I seek, I usually like to lease at 1/4. Any knowledge would be greatly appreciated. These multi-units get so complicated.


You are free to lease if you are the mineral owner by title and you do not have a current lease in its primary or secondary term.
If you are on the pooling list by Continental, then they think you are open to lease.
The spacing would be 640 acres in each section-most likely. The one for 29 by Continental was ordered in June 2018. The others are pending. The well would not be optimal for you as currently projected since it would start in 5, go through 32 and then barely go into 29, but the would hold your whole acreage and only give a small percent of perfs.
The well has been permitted, but not spud. Richardson 1H-5-32-29X.
If you have all the OCC paperwork, then you should see the exhibits in it, but you can also go online and see them, in color sometimes.


M’s right.

Not so good a split for you in Sec. 29.

42% 5-8N-7W

49% 32-9N-7W

9% 29-9N-7W

But better than nothing!

Edit: And they could still drill more wells with a bigger split for you.

I saw one section where they were drilling 5 wells but only giving the first section 10% of each.

But then they turned around and drilled a bunch more wells giving the first section 50%.

So hang in there!


When they only go partially into a section, it can mean there is a fault, or there is a current limit to technology. Sometimes, they will go back in from the other direction and drill the rest if the geology is good.