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Hi all we jest found out that e have minarles mineral rights here and don’t have a clue as to were to start . Well my wife’s mother passed 15 years ago and we New nothing about them well about a year ago Continental track us down and wanted to lease them. My wife did and now we’re here. In the process of it we found out that the company that had a lease with here mom did nothing to find us or anything . Well for 15 years now they have been pumping it out and have had no contact with us or anything and now we’re getting the run around from them and everyone that we have spoken to and we don’t now what to do so I’m been looking for some help and am stomped. We live in California and that really manking things tuff having to do it all by phone so I’m hopping you all might have a little advice for me. She didn’t have a will and we need to probate it frist but don’t know we’re we must do that at here was we’re she lived when she passed so I have been told I have to do it here and told it’s has to be done there and can’t get a straight answer from anyone on it so I saw the post about probate here and wanted to know some more information about the for probate and whether I have to do it or not and where can I get it done. The lawyers that spoke to here in California really don’t know a whole lot about the laws oil and stuff in Oklahoma and probably need to get a lawyer there right. Now the other thing I wanted to I had about is all the back pay where do I go to find out about all that stuff and how much it is and where it’s at because company says it’s there’s $11 in the account now and there was a lot more when I first started talking to him so any ideas on that cuz there’s like water wells on the property now and we really got no idea with you so if you make it help I’m really appreciate it and thanks for advance any advice you can give me


Robert Verges , i just finished a prabate in Grady county. Took about 9 months, i found Perryman & Perryman, LLP from this site. May help to have an attorney practicing in the county of your minerals. This website might have a name pop up MOEA Search . I was told unpaid royalties from a energy company are surrendered to the state after 5 yrs and put in an account. Good luck with your journey. Darrin Kay


You can search for unclaimed mineral funds in the state of death and also on the MOEA Search. Use the state treasurer’s site, not any of those that state they will “help” you (they charge). You should also check Delaware, just in case because many companies have their domicile there.

If she did not have a will, then you will have to settle the estate in the state of her residence under their “Intestate” law. Then once it is settled in the primary state, you need to file a “foreign” probate in Oklahoma using an attorney licensed in OK.

If you wish to post the section, township and range, one of us will look up the wells that have been drilled on that section and then you will have a better idea of what past production you have missed.


Because your mother-in-law did not have a Will, you should file to probate her Estate in one of the Counties in Oklahoma where her minerals are located. There usually is no need to do a probate in her domicile state as only the Oklahoma laws of intestate succession will apply

Todd M. Baker


Not sure which one was drilled first, both show a spud date one day apart……

the BURTON 4 0506 11-14-23WX or the BURTON 3 0506 1-11-2WXH (looking west from behind my house)


I would skip the home state probate unless needed. In Oklahoma the property of a non-resident can usually be administrated very quickly using a Summary Probate process. From the date paperwork is returned this can often be resolved within 60-90 days. It is rare that anyone has to actually travel to Oklahoma because the physical presence of an heir is unnecessary in uncontested matters. The attorney can make all needed appearance.

Richard Winblad, Attorney


Received a couple of purchase offers for 31 6N 5W. Anyone know of something in the works I have missed?


Hi Mary thanks for the info I will check them out.the. The well in question is the Hart 1-25H with Western Oil&Gas and it is in section 25, Township 7 North, Range 6 West, Grady County, Oklahoma.(Pyle 1-35-25 XH Well) may be the name to the well to I’m not sure but those are the ones I have. She passed on 12/21/2005 and they have not payed anything to us sense then. We received a letter from Jackford Land,INC. wantings to lease with them and we signed a contract with them for Continental Resources,Inc. and they are drilling there now that’s how we found out about it. Continental informed us about Western Oil and we called them and have been getting the run around and the brush off since they have not tried to contact us when Pauline passed and we didn’t know about it tell a little over a year ago when Jackford contact us. So Western oil has been pumping with no contract or lease sense the last one with Pualine passed in 2005. I don’t know when the last contract was up and they won’t tell us or talk with us now. Pualine is 1/2 blood Choctaw too we have call the tribe and get no were there either it’s been very frustrating to say the least. So this is were we are at and have no idea what to do and have no idea we’re to go from here being new to it all . We have now received a letter from Western Oil saying that we need to probate her a estate and tell then they we’ll have no more contact with us tell it is done so any help you can give us we’ll be a godsend to us. I would like to thank you and the other members for the post you all have sent us and we can’t thank you enough for your help with this matter. I hope that someone will have some ideas on how we can get this matter done and hopefully with out me going bald from. Pulling out all my hair in flushstion with it. So I’ll end this here and if you need anymore info please let me know and once again thank you all from the bottom of my heart senserly yours . Robert Verges


Thanks for the info I we’ll check into it have a great day


The Hart well has been online since 12/2004. It may be held by a force pooling or a lease, but since it is still active, you are held by the original instrument so there is an old contract. So yes, Western does have a contract. You will probably have to probate to get the back royalties. Mr. Winblad has some excellent advice in that regard.
Continental Resources also has several wells that go into 25. You need to get the probate settled as you have about eight wells to be concerned about here. Definitely time for an attorney to get this settled quickly.


I have started receiving a small royalty on section 4 8n 7w. Is there going to be additional wells drilled or was there just one?


What well are you getting royalties on? Okiejacks SWD 1-4? That is usually an indication of future wells since that is a water disposal well. You should be getting all the mailings for the COntinental Resources pending well. If not, come back and I will give you the case numbers and you can contact the attorney.


The well I am receiving royalties on is Eubank1-33-4XHM. It’s a split between section 4-8N-7W and 33-9N-7W. Thanks for any help you can give me.


Unit I believe was permitted to drill in August ‘18 a 60/40 well in Sec 7 and Sec 18. We have minerals in 18 6 7. Any information you can provide me on the status of the well would be helpful.Thanks


Dear M_Barnes Thank you for your quick response to my post I do not know how to thank you for your help and all the rest of the members here that responded. I have learned so much from your post and guideness now and we’ll be a long time member to I look forward to learning more and someday able to be able to pass it on to someone down line as you are doing for me know. Thank you all and have a wonderful day. Thank You, Robert Verges


At this point, there are no more wells, but they did line up the first well on the Far East side of the sections which leaves room for more wells in the future. Too early in the drilling cycle to tell.


[quote=“Michael_Edward_Mager, post:295, topic:28851”] August ‘18 a 60/40 well in Sec 7 and Sec 18. We have minerals in 18 6 7. [/quote] DOBIE 18/7 1HXL was plugged and abandoned as they did not find the sand they were looking for. They were looking for the Hoxbar.


Martha: “SWD” means salt water disposal. Doubt she is getting any $$ on it.