Grady County OK bonus and royalties question


Hello I’m new to the forum and admittedly not super forum savvy so I have no idea if I have posted in the correct location and I have no idea how to PM someone for that matter. Here is my question.

What is the going rate for bonuses and royalties in Grady County, OK - I own 25% of mineral rights in an 80 acre area - > 01-03N-08W, Grady Co. OK

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated Brooke


Part of 1-3N-8W was pooled in January of 2017. 40 acre spacing was $175 3/16ths. If you just inherited, then you need to make sure if your ancestor already answered the pooling. If you need the case number, it is 201602056


I have just been offered a lease on 7.5 mineral acres in Grady county Section 22, Township 03 North Range 07 West E/2 E/2 W/2 E/2. They are offering $400 per acre bonus (3 year term) and 3/16 royalty. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Sundown, has already leased from seven (7) other people this year 2019. Go to IDOCMARKET.COM

And take a Basic Free Look. I could not copy over the URL so I had to type it out.


If you know any of those people, contact them to find out What Terms and Conditions they received from Sundown, meaning How Much Bonus and Royalty did they agree too.