Grady county leases expiring 36-8-7 and 31-10-8

grady county mineral leases expiring 31-10-8 exp dec 8 and 36-8-7 exp jan 9 what do i do to lease these again i havent gotten any calls nor gotten any wells

ASH 0708 36-1-1WH spud on November 11, 2018, so that lease will not expire as the well is drilling. There is another well called Ash 1-1-36XHM that has a permit which is planned to be drilled from Sec 01-07N07W which will drill north into 36.

31-10N-8W has cases pending for a horizontal well. Not sure if that one will get drilled in time. If not, they will come back looking for you if they plan to continue the drilling operation.

hi mrs barnes i am william the section 36-8-7 i didnt get any papers on this well that spud11-11 and the other 1-1-36 that has a permit just changed operators from continental to camino on nov 18 i didnt know there was another well site

but cant i get a new lease on my 31-10-8

You will not get notice of a spud. You have to look them up yourself. Test Use 3608N07W for the first well and 0107N07W for the second well.
Very common to have operators change. That will be in the well records when they are posted.

If they do not spud the 31-10N-8W well in time, they will have to lease you again or force pool you. The first lease has to expire before you can lease again.

my lease expires on dec 8 in 3 days and the top lease clause was struck from this lease

in the case of the 36-8-7 i always get notice of any wells to be drilled and i didnt on that well you say was already spud but i will go out there tomorrow to see that do you know where it is being drilled from

First one spud in 36. You can look up the permit on the website I shared above to find the exact location.