Grady County Drilling in 2020

What is Continental doing these days in Grady County? Are they actively drilling or just on hold?

I wouldn’t say actively drilling. They plan on running 4 rigs through the end of the year, outside of their Bakken play. I have several drilled but uncompleted wells with them now that there is no timeline for completion. IMHO, price of oil & gas are still too low to begin actively drilling.

Continental has spudded four wells in 3N 5W in the past six weeks—the most recent of them (Eula Mae 6) just a week ago. That’s fairly “active” given their much-shrunken exploration program, though as Todd notes, whether they’ll formally complete any of these new wells under current conditions is anyone’s guess.

David: Are there actual rigs on the locations that are capable of drilling to total depth or did they just use spudder rigs to set surface casing? I see the OCC spud notices but those don’t mean there are rigs capable of drilling to total depth on location. But 3 is better than none.

I have a Continental well in 35-6-7. Production has dropped to almost nothing. Anyone know what’s going on with the Rawlings 1-35-2XH? Last I was zpaid on was June. :flushed:

Terisa: The Rawlings is a gas well, not making much oil. The well was more than likely shut in most of June & July. If the well went back on line in August then your October check should reflect that and be better.

Excellent question, Todd–I don’t know. Eula Mae 2, 4, and 5 have top holes along the southern edge of section 14 of 3N 5W. Perhaps someone in the vicinity–and with some oil field knowledge–could judge based on a look-see? (The newest spud, Eula Mae 6, is set to begin from the SE corner of section 26.)

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