Grady County Activity?

Have a lease with Continental Resources that expired on 9/27/17 in Grady Co., Section 36-9N-7W. Lease was renewed back in May with 25% payment received then and balance to be received within 10 days of lease expiration. I have now received information that Gaedeke has commenced operations on that section on 9/25 so expired lease remains in force. So, 2 questions:

1. Does anyone know if there is activity in that Section?

2. Is there some standard definition of 'commenced operations'? Can they just park a rig out there and call it good or do they actively have to be doing something towards testing and or drilling?

Thanks for the info.

Post this on the Grady County site. A rig capable of drilling to the pooled depth has to be on site. A spud-in is insufficient to hold it if you have a good commencement clause.