Grady County 6-9N-7W Pooling Options?


Help please! I would like to know the pooling order options for Grady County 6-9N-7W by Roan Resources on 1-30-2019. Thanks!


The hearing for the Roan pooling is not until 2/19. Citizen pooled this section last year and is already drilling a well on the Section. Will have to dig further to figure out why Roan has filed a pooling.

Todd M. Baker


Thank you! I am anxious to learn what you find out!


Oops. Forgot that Citizen & Linn merged some assets to form Roan. Roan’s pooling is a clean-up for some folks that weren’t covered by Citizen’s pooling.


Do you know what the pooling options were then?


$2250 & 1/8; $2000 & 3/16; $1600 & 1/5; $1250 & 1/4th.


I like to give timely notice via certified mail and by filing an election with the OCC. If you miss the deadline, you will probably be stuck with a 1/8th royalty.


Thank you so much to all!