Grady County 06-10N-08W?

Any info would be greatly appreciated

We cannot help very well you unless you ask a specific question.

Notice of decree and intrests were filled in the 3 Counties we have interests in after the estate was probated in Oklahoma and Texas. When my mom passed she was actually in the process of selling some of the intrests only because she started getting offers from people so I really wasn’t sure how they were even aware that she had them. We ended up going the deal she had stared but getting info out of them about how I go about finding out exactly what I have and it’s worth was almost impossible. Basically the interest that were most valuable I ended up just like my mom had having people contact me with offers. So now I have all the smaller scatterd pieces that I’m interested in selling that are getting offers but only if I can prove I guess what it’s worth and I own it which I get but I’ve done 3 deals where none of that was really asked of me or they took care of it lol. I’m so sorry I’m just overwhelmed and been trying over a year to get a handle on it and still haven’t

So sorry about the death of your mother. I have been through the same thing and it is a bit overwhelming.

The first thing is to make a list of what you have. Put them in state, county and then township-range-section for easier sorting. If you don’t know what you have the will should have listed them and there are other ways to search for any strays.

If you want to hang onto the rest, the forum is a great way to get informed and you will feel more powerful in your handling of them.

If you feel like you need to sell, you need to do some research first. Get them organized and then ask questions on the forum about each tract. Ask what activity is going on, what future activity is planned, what leasing prices in the area have been, what sales prices have been. If folks know, they usually help.

You may want to keep the ones with pending activity and collect the revenue from the royalties. If not, then you will have a better idea of what they are worth. Most offers tend to be low (in my experience). You can sell all of them as a whole package or you can sell different bits. Better to get at least three offers from legitimate buyers. Never turn over any deeds without getting a check.

Its slowly starting to come together. Been focusing on getting an accurate list together last few days and I’m actually taking next week off and gonna spend the week at my older brothers house (the executor of the estate) and go through check stubs and try to sort through all that. I’m blessed to have an older brother like I have and ita just us and has been a breeze as far as dividing up the estate which I didn’t realize isn’t the case for alot of people. He just isn’t as motivated as me in figuring all this out for several reasons that I understand but he was like be my guest lol. Ma’am I truly appreciate the help. Im sure u got plenty other stuff u could be doing so again thank u for your time and I’ll keep u posted.

The last recent sale of minerals in your section listed above was part of a multi-section sale between two LLC’s for $18,800 per net mineral acre.

Previous mineral deed sale between two LLC’s in your section listed above was for 10 acres for $21,000 per net mineral acre. (Note: Previous owner of the minerals sold their interest for $18,000 per net mineral acre.)

As M_Barnes said, “… Most offers tend to be low …” In an investor presentation Continental Resources said they expect to receive back 4X’s what they pay for minerals. And from what I have seen they pay better than anyone.

Thank u so much for the info I truly appreciate it.