Grady Co. Section15-9N-8W

I own 80 leased NMA in S15-9N-8W in Grady County left to me by Johnny Jensen. Recently received copy of Lawyers request to the OCC on behalf of Applicant TPR MID CONTINENT, LLC in Cause CD No. 201702911-T requesting that the Commission issue an order vacating and creating drilling and spacing units so as to cover and include S15-9N -8W. What the heck does this mean? Is it tantamount to request for drilling permit?

It means that TPR is planning on drilling in your section. They are getting approval from the OCC to do so.

Jordan, Thanks for the Reply. I live in Alabama and am interested in being able to track activity regarding S15-9N-8W in Grady, Co. as TPR proceeds toward drilling, production and beyond. Is there any way to be privy to what they have in mind such as timing. intentions, etc. My interests are driven primarily by how to deal with estste planning and tax avoidance issues. If production were to be in the range of what I have discovered for other wells TPR has most recently completed and tested in Grady those, issues could prove to be significant.

Any comment

Kylan Lewis

Kylan, The drilling and spacing is the first step in the process to receive a permit.

An application for pooling is the next step. This has been filed, but has been protested by Continental. If they can satisfy Continental on whatever they are asking then I am sure the application will be approved, but this could take a few months. They are asking for a year to drill the well. This is normal. There is no way to second guess them as to when in that year they will drill.

Thanks for the enlightenment. If you see any developments in 15-9N-8W please let me know.

Darla, not being familiar with the players in the drilling business, who are TPR Midcontinent and Continental?

Kylan, Those are the big guns. I would love for them to drill me a well. They have good success when drilling due to their experience and technology.