Grady Co Section 24-9N-5W

Does anyone know what this “Emergency Hearing” is about for Grady County?occ30137267.pdf (46.4 KB) Also, does anyone Know where we can look up the “Cause Type & Number” codes? Grateful for any help, Patrick

Moved this over to Grady County for you.
You can look up the cases at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission website for free. Put the Code in the Case # box. You will see all documents that relate to that case. Looks like EOG and Roan both want to drill a horizontal well. Sounds like Roan will win.

Good morning M. Barnes. First time here. You seem to have a pretty good grip on all of this Do you have any idea how to actually contact Gulfport Midcon LLC. My father has passed leaving the rights to my sister and I (actually been deeded to us) and I have tried every means possible to contact to move forward with the transfer of ownership including a certified mail with all info necessary (death certificates, deeds in our names etc… The mail was received but I have yet to have contact with them. I leave messages all the time and have even tried contacting the bank that issues checks and get the same thing. Voicemail-Voicemail-Voicemail. They continue to send checks to my Father even months after his passing. Not real large ones but none the less, monies that can not be obtained. Please help if you can, Regards, Chris C

My first question would be have you filed the deeds in the county courthouse in Grady first? I would send a certified mail return receipt letter request for a new Division Order. Send to Gulfport c/o Division Order Analyst Grady County. In the letter, tell them the situation-dad’s name, name of the well (use their property number from the check as well, give a copy of the deed, the Owner number from the top of the checks and request a new Division order for you and your brother according to the new acreage division. You may have to provide probate documents or a death certificate. It can take months to get these things settled.

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Thanks for the info. I will follow your instructions and I do have all the documents needed. Got some sorting to do and time I have. I will submit and wait it out! Thanks again, Chris C