Grady co pooling

camino pooled my dad for black mesa well dad has been dead since 1985 used a 1993 lease saying they could because of tilgman l-10 well we sent documents when this was started they wouldnt respond to us . they also used our 2017 tep andarko leases the pooling on my dad sent ck to one of my sisters in dads name so we couldnt cash sent gov 3000.00 i filed death and heirship but still havent been able to get any money 2brothers 1 sister sold 10 my dads is 11 and 10 i draw on it for black mesa well they hide it but sure they draw on both under what leases they have on my sibleing for tep asigned to camino were they brought 10

It seems like it might help to hire a mineral consultant to help out - they can search the title and websites to assist in trying to figure out what is going on. The directory has a list of qualified pros that can help you try and recover funds.

Good luck!

they know who it belongs to i get paid on what they are pumping every month just dont seem to want to pay any of pooling ck and it is like they are buying time

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