Grady Co 28-10n-7w


We had a lease in 28-10-7, that expired in Nov 2018. We’ve heard that drilling occurred. How can I find out the status?


I do not see a current well in 29-10N-7W that has finished. I see a pending OCC case for a well in the future. I see an order 201808114 and 8116 for a spudder well to start drilling the well on Nov 1, 2018. Maybe someone who lives close by can see if they actually went out there. I do not see a permit for 28 or even one nearby to 28 that would go into 28. Jones Energy LLC is the operator.


No drilling has starting. There were some issues between Travis peak resources and Jones Energy. Currently, the unfinished pad is setting vacant.


Thank you so much. I thought the name of the well was Juniper?? I appreciate your response.


Are you perhaps in 27N-11W? There is a Juniper 29-27-11 1H well that was active as of 5/8/2015. There is a Juniper 29-27-11 2H that was active 5/8/15.


Maybe you are thinking of the Spruce 27-10-7 well recently completed by Jones Energy.

Todd M. Baker