Government Intervention

I have been reading various articles regarding the ongoing government involvement in the type of frac fluids being utilized in wells, both on the Federal and State levels. Currently, it is reported that the EPA and the U.S. Department of Interior is studying the chemicals that drilling companies are using and is considering enacting rules to require drilling companies to disclose what chemicals are being used. On the State level, there has been a billed introduced in the Montana legislature (SB86) that requires a drilling company to notify surrounding landowners about the use of fracturing chemicals which is only opening up “pandoras box” to many surface owners who have no mineral rights and unhappy about the drilling activity. The more “red” tape placed on these drilling companies could have a great impact on their desire to drill in some areas. My question is will most of the drilling companies be willing to disclose their reciepes in regards to the specific chemicals being used in their fracturing process and if additional rules are enacted by the government, what impact will it have on future drilling?

The generic comments provided without knowing the specifics are unwarranted. “Pre-drill environmental assessments”? Come on. Can we involve any more red tape into the process of being more self sustainable? Ground water contamination occurs at a surface level accessible to and readily available for human interaction and consumption. At no time does that happen at drilling depths that produce crude.

Only our government can proove water runs up hill.

It’s not the fracturing that causes the problems, it’s the contamination caused by improperly handling the frac return. The aquifers are protected from any communication with fluids in a well bore by casing cemented over the said aquafiers.