Goodrich CMR Foster Creek Wilkinson County

I am trying to learn what S-R-T the Goodrich Foster Creek drilling permit covers. I own rights in S8,R1N, T1E. Wilkinson County. If you have any information about this area, please advise. Also, I would like to know what is being offered to buy rights in that area. I have received several letters listing $$ that are significantly different. Thank you

If you are talking about the GDP/Foster Creek 8H 1&2 in Wilkinson, County it is in Sections 5, 8, and 19 of T2N R1E, thus if your property is in R1N it is not included in that well. The MSOGB has the permits and some maps on it's website that show a lot of this. Is your property in 1N leased already? Are you looking to sell the mineral rights? In most cases, but not all, leasing the rights is a better idea than selling them, but I am not a professional in this and offer no advice one way or the other.

In looking at what you write above, I believe you have your Township and Ranges reversed.