Good Resources for Locating or Researching Section/Block

Hello - I have followed discussions on this site off and on and sometimes there are really great resources shared. Resources such as tools, websites, etc. I wanted to reach out to ask if anyone has a website or tool where you can enter the particular Section/Block and check for activity in and around whatever spot you plug in? :slight_smile: I know I’m dreaming probably… but it never hurts to check! I really appreciate all of the helpful, open dialog on this site!

The sections I’m looking into are (Reeves County) Sections 320, 328-330 Block 13 and areas nearby.

Thank you!

Hi calisoccer, the texas rrc site will do exactly what you want. Just use the magnifying glass icon towards the top, choose surveys and enter the block and section number. From there you can zoom to the possible areas that meet the search parameters.

I forgot to mention that you have to specify/select the county at the top of the screen as well.

Thanks for the resource PeteR!