Good news, maybe

Years ago, Tesoro Petroleum had a gas concession in Bolivia. The idea was to ship natural gas from Bolivia through Peru to the coast. From there, tankers would ship it to Puerto Libertad, Sonora where it would be off loaded and then piped into the western USA.

That would be far away from the EPA and a whole host of legal problems.

Well, Evo Morales was elected in Bolivia, and being a Marxist, he would rather see his people starve rather that have Bolivia’s natural resources used by foreigners.

Then the petroleum industry developed deep drilling, lateral drilling and fracking. As a result, we are up to our ears in natural gas.

Now, it seems to me that it would be easy to just reverse the valves on that pipe line and start exporting natural gas. It may happen, and then again it may not. Notice that they have not committed any funds for this project, so it may all be BS.

There are a lot of problems with energy in Mexico, almost all caused by politics. The new president promises to make energy cheap, but just how no one knows. It probably is just all blather. Who knows.

Robert Gill

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