Good Lease form/terms

Looking for a good (good for owner) lease form. Would have in it good language for royalties based on gross not net after costs for things like compression and dehydration, etc. Also with a Pugh clause, limits on shutin-well, etc.

This is for property in Kiowa Co., CO -- shale/fracking likely involved.

Thanks for any advice and/or examples.

N Case:

If you will google "Oil and Gas Forms", there are numerous examples of various forms. You might read over several of these forms until you find the one that suits your needs.

There's an excellent lease form called, "Texas Sample Oil and Gas Lease and Surface Use Agreement" which you can download for free from the Earthworks website:

It's full of extra protections for the lessor which you won't see in too many standard lease forms ... and the separate "Surface Use Agreement" is very environmentally-friendly.

I'm wondering whether this is the same lease the TLMA (Texas Land and Mineral Owners Assoc.) offers their members. Does anyone know?

I'm not sure how well it would work in other states. Maybe others can weigh in.

Mr. Case,

Compare the prices of all these leases. Once you've done that go to and look for the leases. They are usually one half the price of others and far outdo any other lease on the market.


Wes Luke

I am having trouble finding a TLMA form. Are forms actual forms to use for oil and gas lease agreements or application information for lease agreements? If anyone knows of a user friendly site for TLMA forms please advise.



You have to join the TLMA at to buy their lease form. It is provided at the $250.00 level, and is for Texas leases.

Two hunut and fity dalas? *_ * Lease Agreement will be for Cass County Texas.

Do you or anyone else know of an attorney near Cass County Texas who handles oil and gas lease agreements for landowners?

Thank you for lease form information...