Golden Valley County North Dakota

Is anyone aware of any lease renewals going on in the subject county? I have some mineral rights previously leased by Whiting that just expired. I realize the vulnerability of the situation now but just wondering if anyone has heard of any renewals going on. If not, I will start marketing elsewhere.

Much thanks in advance for any input.

Hi, did you ever get any replies? Did you ever lease? I am in a similar situation now. Thanks!

I haven't heard back at all. I have lots there and all in-leased for quite a while now.

Do u know if anyone still leasing in the Beach area? Thx

There is some small company that is active in the area but not sure how they are determining where and what to lease. If you hear anything,, please let me know. Foundation Energy Management, LLC has been applying for spacing etc.. through the hearing dockets.

Good info, thank u

Lol, I was suspicious of this too. Thank you Joe

Just offering my suggestion. Isn't that what this site is all about?

I think the administrator will soon pull all your advertisements, excuse me, suggestions .

I'm confused on why you believe this is an advertisement. Gerald posted a question about renewals. I just hired a company (ran by Landmen) who can help. Take the suggestion or don't.

I just looked at all your post, it's obvious.

Mineral Joe and others,

Just use the Report Spam button located on each page. Action will be taken after review.

Buddy Cotten

The overt solicitation was by one person having multiple accounts. I understand that forum administration has explained the rules carefully. So carefully that they have stopped posting, with Saturday being the last post. I don't know if they have had posting privileges revoked, temporarily suspended or they chose to lay low.

It's easy to use the spam button on the top right of the page. The Forum administrators will take action. I have found that they are extremely fair and will generally warn first before they take more Extreme Action.

Buddy Cotten


We are a few months away from lease expiration and I am bring told that lease rates have dropped to near zero.

Are you finding the same thing?

Thank you Brian

My NMA have been expired for a while now and have not heard from any leasing company.

Thanks. My current leasing company is offering next to nothing. Frustrating!

What are you getting for an offer? What company?

Also what Township and Range?

$10 / acre!

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