Going (sale) rate per mineral acre in Weld County?

I have received a few offers for mineral interest in Weld County, CO. The interest is roughly 3.5 acres. I am receiving offers in the range of $5,000-$7500 per mineral acre. There is not much development around the area. Is this a normal range?

More information on location will help like section, township, and range. Mike

Impossible to say without knowing what section/township/range the minerals are located in.

Ok, I’ll hop right in and add my two cents; I’m getting offers for section 22, township 4 north anywhere from 2k to 5k per acre.

Sounds like the OP is getting way better offers!

offers are lowballed, in my experience. let them bid against each other, in privacy, until they’re done. did this a few years ago and got 3-5 times what was being ‘offered’.

The value of your acreage depends on multiple items, including your royalty rate and qtr qtr location of your minerals. Spacing in the DJ is a bit different beast as wells can be in units, or wells can be spaced according to Greater Wattenberg Area (GWA) Spacing which includes and quarter quarter section within 460’ from the lateral. So values can vary wildly.

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