Going rates for mineral rights in Belmont County Ohio


I have been contacted about selling my mineral rights in Belmont County Ohio, they haven’t given me a price yet but I was wondering if anyone knows what a fair price is per acre? We signed a lease with the same company for $7,000 an acre and a 20% royalty last year and now they want to buy the rights. Any information would be appreciated.


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it all depends on where you are located in Belmont County, and the other terms in your lease (gross@ mouth of well, market enhancement, net, etc), whether you are pooled/unitized, and the design of the unit - # of lateral feet, size of unit, etc.

if you want me to take a quick look, you can PM me and I’ll see if I can help shed some light on the subject.



Hi Jeff we have 44 acres in Belmont County and have been offered 3000 in acre +20% gross lease. Wonder if you know how those stacks up in Belmont County. Thanks very much have a good day