Going rate

How much per acre to lease for 3 years and what % of royalties is the going rate, would appreciate any insight,am being perrsued for 150 an acre and 1/6 of the royalties

bonus, term and royalty all depends on location - where in the county are your leases?

If in or near a historical producing area or possibility near a salt dome, there should be higher than those areas associated with interdomal and/or historically non productive or undrilled areas.

Don't worry about the bonus for the lease Negotiate the royalty. You will end up with more in the long run. Its a gamble. You get a nice bonus and its money in hand, but then they don't make a well so you have the money for the lease. If you take less for the lease bonus but ask for a minimum of a1/4 royalty or absolutely no less than a 1/5 and they make a well the larger royalty alone will be made up and then continue as long as there is production. You can ask them what target they are drilling to as well.