Going Rate...

Hello All,

Not sure if I have posted in this county forum before but I am curious about the going rate in Loving around the area of Section 81. Blk. 33

Thank you for your input.

Blessings, Dana

Okay, revised my post.

Hope someone out there has some info around the Sec. 81 Block 33 area.

Dana R.

Hello Dana,

I can't help you on the going rate on bonus monies or royalty rates but I can tell you that Anadarko E & P and Matador Production have some very good oil and gas wells in the area of Section 81.

Good luck with your minerals.

Clint Liles

Good to see your name Clint.

We have had another property sneak up and say "I'm HERE and you are my owner!". I see it as a blessing but I promise I will not do this to my kids.

Thank you for responding. We are doing our best to negotiate another extension with this but have learned something new....Can you explain to me anything about PUGH clauses?

Pugh Clause Law and Legal Definition. Pugh clause refers to a clause which can be added to an oil lease to limit the rights of the lessee to hold only particular depths or amounts of the leased property.

The generation before us did a 5 yr with a 2 yr for only $150.00 per. We were all shocked.

But I have found...if I ask enough questions, I sound like I know what I am doing and it seems to excite the landsmen enough to teach me more....lol. I have sometimes referred to paragraphs that the numbers need to be changed to reflect negotiations and I have shock of few. I have also learned how to find the properties...there is probably an easier way but they are shocked I am finding them.

Have to say that Mineralwise has taught me a lot and not to mention savvy folk like you willing to lend a hand to us newbies.

I also want to thank you for your input in Ward county. After the bidding war we had...we ended negotiations with $11k per for the signing bonus. Crazy things are happening in TX.

So wish I could figure out how to learn more from you without looking over your shoulder...8))

Blessings Clint! You also have an nice day and hope the New Year treats you well. Let me know about those PUGH clauses will ya.


Dana R.