Going rate per rod for pipeline right of way

Was wondering if anyone could tell me the going rate per rod for a 20 inch gas line right of way in carter county

check the University Lands Rate schedule for the UT system lands. they have a schedule for pipelines by size and if on one of their mineral leased lands or not. all their fees are for 10 years.

I will assume that you know that One rod equals 16.5 feet.

I, personally, do not know of any "going rates" for a 20" gas line ROW in Carter country or for any size gas line in that county or any other county. But, having a work history of being a pipeline ROW agent (Permitting Specialist) I do know that everything is negotiable.

Nothing is "set in stone." You might want to navigate on to the Carter county Group section (see listing above) and ask around if you are having trouble making up your mind.


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