Going price for pipeline easement in Burleson County Tx

Interested in fair market price, going rate per Rod for a pipeline easement in Burleson County. Any intel would be helpful in negotiations as first offer by landman seems really low at $100 per rod.

Dear Triple-C,

There is not enough information for me to help you out much.

Is the proposed pipeline a common carrier, carries crude oil only or does it have any other status which gives it condemnation priveledges? (Have you received an Initial Offer Letter and a copy of the “Landowner’s Bill of Rights”)

Is the proposed pipeline a gathering line within an existing field?

What is the size of the proposed pipeline? Is it one or multiple lines? What product is it carrying?

Is this a Unitized Field?

Is the proposed pipeline located on the lease where the well is drilled?

Your answers to the above might lead to more questions.

Best wishes,

Buddy Cotten

Before anybody jumps in too strong, Burleson County is in the State of Texas and this post was developed using law applications of Texas State Law. However, I am not an attorney and this is not legal advice - just sound business questions.


Thank you for your reply. This is for a single 6” gathering line for gas. The pad is not on our land but oil company needs to come thru our place or otherwise would have to find an alternative path. Some of our land is in the field acres that will be part of the lease field. They are asking for permanent easement unless production stops, then the easement reverts back, which is language we had to add. Hope that provides a better idea of the situation.