Going lease rates in Section 27 of Lea County?

S27 T20S R32E Lea County - We had a lease and extension that expired earlier this year and after repeated calls to the company (who said they don't know what happened and why we didn't already get another extension) they have sent us a "revivor, amendment and extension". So it seems they are going back to the original lease from 5 years ago. That matter is for an attorney, I don't expect free legal advice. But if any one has past experiences like this and wants to share I will appreciate it.

My question is:

Does anyone know the going rates now for that area? I've looked on the OCD website and don't see any wells, active or otherwise, in that section. But they've been telling us they're getting very close to drilling for a couple of years, I guess there's a lot of red tape because of phosphates nearby.

I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I can't figure out how to search just the Lea County group for this section either. Any suggestions on that will be appreciated too!

I have seen leases in Lea go for $250/acre to over $8000/acre in the past 6 months. Location, Location, Location. If you don't know the value in your location based on the geologic potential, you best not blindly accept the new lease. Leasing today, is in the favor of the mineral owner because of the huge wells competed using horizontal drilling. Your land is in the current horizontal drilling area.

Gary L Hutchinson

i have an offer for l,000 per nma and a 20% royalty this is section 33 T24S-36E Lea county. good or bad?