Going bonus and royalty Price on or near N/2 of Section 5, Block 34, T&N, T&P Ry. Co

Have an offer at $250 per acre and 1/5 royalty on rights at above location. Can anyone tell me whether this is above, below or just about at the going market price for this area? Thanks

Last year I got 175 and 1/5 royalty on sec 3 blk 4

T5N T4N T3N?

I have land in block 34 section 27 T4N, and block 35 section 2 T5N, and 35 section 28, T5N, the T4N or T5N

make a difference.

Hi Willard. Thanks for your reply. It is T4N. Any information you have would be most welcome.

Hey Robert I looked at your land, I would think you could do better that 250, there are 2 active wells on that section now, not sure if you knew that, plus there are 7 plugged wells so there has been a lot of things going on. no idea how old those 2 well are or who owns them, you should try and find out if you do not already know, 2 big producers are very attractive to a oil producer, I have a well on 34 27 that produces about 350 brls a month, another family has a well on the same section, 150 yards away, same producer that pulls 4500 a month!!! point is 2 football fields away in the oil buss. is a LONG ways away!!