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Hello everyone! I, obviously, am new this discussion group. I own mineral rights in approx 200 acres of land in Glascock County, on the sw side of HW 87 as it goes from Glascock County into Sterling county.

Inherited the property some 40 years ago and it had a mineral lease on it at that time which expire a few years later. It has had no lease on it since. Can any of you share the going "terms" of mineral leases in that vicinity. There are, obviously, producing wells nearby which were drilled in the last year or two, evidently drilled to about 9600 ft. Any help would be appreciated.


Bonnie, can you share the legal description with me and how much of the mineral interest you own? I may want to make you an offer, obviously not through this forum, but in confidence. Let me know, Thanks.

So 1/2, block 29, section 185, w&nw rr co. Survey, Glasscock co., - 50%. Thanks for ur interest!

I’ve received an offer for a lease. Any ideas about what current per-acre prices and royalty percentages are running?

Re my last posting, here is the lease description:


Energen CEO discussing Glasscock County in particular.

Hey Brian, probably not the best way to start our a sentence if you are looking for help...

What is the best online source for following drilling activity and results in Glasscock Cnty?

Under the Blog section of the Home page, I wrote an article collecting online resources.

Thanks, Wade. I'll check it out.

Anyone else having problems getting Division Orders out of Laredo on a timely basis?

We’re having problems getting them out of Energen.

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We are having big problems with Apache. A *three year delay* with them. We recently got a DO from them, and they show our RI to be nearly 4 times *less* than it is. We have not signed; they are supposedly working on getting us an answer as to why they have it so low.

Re: Laredo...we have payment from them in sections where they are not involved with Apache. Where they are involved with Apache...they have not sent us DO yet. In our situation, Apache seems to be the common denominator of the trouble.

I am looking for approximately 5-10 acres of land for the possibility of placing a commercial disposal well....does anyone know any surface rights owners that may be interested? Call me, 512-791-2499

has anyone leased there mineral rights in cline shale area recently

Carl why do you use an email address of when you work at Endeavor? Sounds like a conflict of interest to me.

Energen Division Orders - Production Sharing - Legal Question

Has anyone received DO's from Energen where they have crossed lease lines? Just wondering if you had analyzed the dilution of interest.

If I don't sign, I don't get paid... But I want to ensure that they are correct. Wade, et al, am I agreeing to the DOI decimal interest if I sign the DO?


Yes but you can later revoke a DO. It may keep you from going after the under payments before you revoked it, however.

Hello...I am looking to lease and/or buy 5-10 acres of land, preferably off a major highway or county road for the purpose of possibly obtaining a permit for a saltwater disposal well. Three (3) phase nearby would be a huge plus. Please text/call Tim Terry at 512-791-2499