Glasscock County Clark 43 B

I have mineral rights on the Clark 43 B, Glasscock County and have been getting multiple offers for the last year or so. I have always been told..never sell mineral rights! However, some of the recent offers are tempting! I do receive some income but it would take many, many years to reach their offer! I am wondering if there is new activity planned in the near future which makes others eager to purchase these mineral rights. My interest is in sec 45 Blk 35. Thanks for any info.

It appears your interest is in sec 43 blk 35

This link will take you to a well just north of you in your section.

Your well is the green dot in the southwest corner labeled



Go up one section and west to section 37 and see eight permitted hz wells!

Thanks AJ! I really appreciate your response! This map is awesome!

You are welcome, Shawn. The map has a number of features which can help. One is the "identify" function. There are icons along the top of the map. Click on the "i" in the blue circle and choose "wells" from the drop down box. Then go to a point on the map and left click on a well of interest. Solid green dots are producing wells; green dots with a line are plugged wells; and blue circles are permitted wells. When you click on a well, a pop up screen containing all sorts of information will be generated. Of particular interest might be the oil production. Compare a vertical well to a horizontal well, for instance. If you were to get a couple of horizontal wells drilled on your minerals, your royalties would increase dramatically. The Cole Ranch wells a few miles to your east have produced 1,374,065 bo since 2010 and in the month of Dec 2017 produced 13,286 bo.

I did see the legend and figured out a few things. Your input is most valuable. This well belonged to my grandmother and is very old but it looks like a potential for more income...if not my lifetime, maybe my son!

Ive tried to find maps with similar info but kept hitting dead ends. This one is awesome. I had one from a year ago and there's quite a bit more activity in this surrounding areas since that time!

Again, thank you so much!

Your minerals may support horizontal drilling even though the existing vertical well is very old. This drilling could come in the near future and may be why you are getting offers to sell your minerals. Get an experienced oil and gas attorney like forum pro Wade Caldwell to approve anything you are asked to sign. Just my two cents.