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I have been trying to look up GIS maps for property I have inherited in Pecos County. I receive the following information when looking property up on Pecos CAD Property Search? “Unable to determine the physical location of the property. Please contact Pecos CAD for more information.”

Hi hcramerd, from your previous post I gather your location is Abstract 3266, or Block 112, Sec 9 of the TC RR Co Survey. On the Pecos CAD property search you can use the advanced search and search for Abstract 3266. Your name and mineral property probably does not show up since there are no wells in that section and so there is no property tax that has ever been due. You can also use the RRS gis viewer: and the magnifying glass icon to search for abstract 3266. If you use latitude and longitude this is about 31.121N 102.881W. Hope this helps.

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Thank you, I found the property on a couple of maps.

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