GIS Mapping- O & G

Is the only GIS mapping system with oil and gas layers the one at That site is horrible. It is so frustrating to be able to pull legible and incredibly informative maps from so many producing states, but not in OK? If anyone has a suggestion, I’d appreciate it.

Hi Mary: What specifically is it that you want or need? There are plenty of resources, but you need to give a little more information. Good Luck. Todd M. Baker

Hi Mary, there is also the OK commissioners of land site : This map interface is a little smoother, but the well inventory is dated (from 2017 or earlier). It is a nice map to use to locate property. This map also does not show horizontal wells.

I have made my own maps using QGIS and these are nice because I’ve been able to show horizontal wells, but getting the data cleaned up from the OCC data downloads takes some effort and you have to download the data as often as you want to update.

Certainly there are pay services that have nice maps, too, and presumably they take care of cleaning up and updating the data for you. I know some of them advertise in the Directories on this forum.

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