Getting what is rightfully yours

How do i get a company to payout roylities that belongs to me.I have been battling with this company for over seven years,they know that me and my slibling are heir to the property but just keep giving us the run around.They have all the tittle runs and know what are interest are,but know they are telling us they need a company in which they leased out some of the land to drill on to let them know what are interest is to me that is a bunch of hog wash.Need help

Call a lawyer

They might know or think they know that you and your sister are the rightful owners to the property, but they will need something in WRITING, a legal document like a Certified Copy of Probate or possibly an Affidavit of Heirship, to make the switchover. No oil-and-gas client I have ever had would release suspended payments without physical paperwork justifying the ownership change. They have to go by what is in the public record, otherwise they are risking a lawsuit if they are wrong.

They have had affidavit of heirship for years,as i stated we have done every thing they ask. Yesterday i recieved a call from the company and they said they are sendind out division orders. Hopefully the battle is over and they will do the paperwork right and back date it.