Getting Texas to Recognize Heirs


My dad’s name is listed as an Appellee in the recent case in front of the Texas Supreme Court regarding mineral rights percentages. In that case, my dad’s name is listed as address unknown thus the state of Texas doesn’t know who his heirs are. I have filed the Affidavit of Heirship with Reeves County Clerk’s office. My questions: What do I need to do to establish my siblings and I as the heirs to my dad’s mineral rights? Who do I need to contact so that I can pay taxes on the production? Barry Manus


For starters Contact the Reeves County tax appraisal office and see if there are delinquent taxes under your dad’s name. If there are you can pay them in his name until you get the mineral interests delegated to the rightful heirs.


Tax rolls and clear title are two different matters. Recording your names on tax rolls probably helps when oil companies search for owners.

County tax collector Reeves County Appraisal District (RCAD) has a user-friendly website, you can search names, download big spreadsheets of all county taxpayers surface & minerals. RCAD will record your names on tax rolls if you pay taxes, they don’t get into title search. RCAD is always busy, you many need to send/email several well-written letters. You may get quicker results scheduling a meeting with the director in Pecos if your family inheritors have multiple accounts.


Did your Dad have a will that was probated in another State? If so, get an exemplified copy of the probate and file it of record in the Deed Records of Reeves County, Texas. Same if will was probables in Texas. If not, you did the right thing about getting the heirship affidavit. Check with the operator and give it a copy of whatever you have. Operator will most likely help you resolve the issue. Ask for Division Irder Droartment/Land Droartment. The operator should have a title opinion and should give you that portion that deals with your interest. If they won’t cooperate, you can make a Demand under the Texas Natural Resources Code for payment asking why you have not been paid. They then must give you a copy of any title requirements that haven’t been satisfied.

Doug V.