Getting on the Mineral Tax Roll in Texas

I have a question about property taxes on mineral interests. SM Energy drilled a well on property in which my owns mineral interests. They started drilling the well in January 2018 and she started receiving royalties last June, so she wasn’t expecting a tax bill in 2018 because she has no production as of 1/1/18. However, she has not received an appraisal notice for her mineral interests for 2019 and she is not showing up on the tax rolls. Is there a reason to worry?

I would appreciate any insight on this issue and suggestions on what she should do. Thank you!!


See the May 1 calendar entry and consider phoning the appraisal district office.

Thanks for the link to the calendar. I called the appraisal office a few weeks ago and nothing was showing up for this well.

Talked to someone at SM Energy today. They should be getting back with me shortly.

I appreciate all of the posts. Very helpful! Thanks, again!

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Be sure to pay the ad valorem taxes. A few years ago I failed to gat or pay taxes to the county and they sold my interests for tax deficiency. Pain in the butt to get my title cleared. Better to keep current. Btw, noticed that I got no tax bill for last year. Darn it. Wrote the County to get billed so I can pay. This was in Texas, not OK.