Getting offers advice needed please

Hi all, getting offers on our interests and I was hoping to get some advicefrom my friends in Grady. Any feedback or advice is greatly appreciated!

See below


Section 3, Township 7 North, Range 7 West, Grady County, Oklahoma 7.664 net mineral acres owned Our offer is $2,250 per acre for a total of $17,244.00 currently leased until 2017

Section 7-6N-6W, Grady County, Oklahoma .4871 net mineral acres owned Our offer is $8,000 per acre for a total of $3.896.80

Section 12-6N-7W, Grady County, Oklahoma .19345 net mineral acres owned Our offer is $5,500 per acre for a total of $1,063.98

Lee, I think it is great that you are concerned about getting a fair market value for leasing your minerals. My company, Stack Energy Consulting, specializes in doing this sort of due diligence for Oklahoma mineral owners. We typically charge $500 for a comprehensive report that evaluates your acreage and recommends an optimal leasing deal. If you are interested in this product please let me know. Thanks!

Section 7-6N-6W - They are fracking the Pudge (Continental) right now.


Section 12-6N-7W - The Monty (Apache) is shut-in at the moment. The Monty is 660 feet west of the Pudge.


I have about 12 acres MOL in each section. Between the family we have about 75 acres MOL in each section. With the prospect of additional wells in each section, we are not selling.

Who offered the8,000.00?It was so funny when the oil co had me on th phone and made me the 2,500.00 offer I told them I had to see what offers were being made in that area,they went quiet then said they would go up to match any other offers!Ha!If there had been internet when my grandfather was purchasing these leases in the 1920s he would have owned a big piece of Ok!!!

Hi, my name is Alex Miller. Me and my siblings own about 100 acres in section 27. I just received an offer for 5450 nmc at 2/16 I don’t know what that means. Is this a good offer or not? I dought I will sell.

Sect 11 7N7W got 2 offers for 5200.

Alex, you need to add the township and range for the complete description so we can help. Ask what they are offering for 1/5 and 1/4. The bonus is piddly compared to the royalty. The terms of the lease are the most important. Do not sign the lease they give you until you change some of the unfavorable terms. You want no deductions whatsoever, no enhanced, no nothing! Depth clause, limit on shut in time, commencement of drilling clause. Friend me with the blue icon to the left of my name and I can walk you through it.

If you sell, you will lose potential for future royalties from additional wells.

I have 10 acres in sec 23, 6N, 5W. Presently leased and receiving monthly royalties from the MCBryde horizontal. I am also considering selling (age, health). I’ve gotten two far apart potential offers also. Anyone else in this area have any input? Thanks

Lee, sales offers in 7N7W are more in the $4500 and up range so that offer is really low. Apache, Marathon and Continental are very active in the township. Wouldn't you rather get royalties? Horizontal wells just north and south of you.

7-6N-6W You should be getting paid on the Pudge well? You should be getting the DO any day.

12-6N-7W Are you getting paid on the Monty well? They have lined up that well to leave room for quite a few more wells in the section.

Be careful about sales offers that try to take your royalties away from you too early. You have to balance the value of the future wells against the value of the current well. Sales offers are usually only for the value of one well.

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