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What is the best way to determine when a particular property has started producing, after a well has been spud and developed…other than asking the operator for information? I’ve noticed that the production logs on the TX RRC GIS viewer site don’t show production for some time after a well has been completed. I’m not aware of any other way to find this information; any help would be appreciated.

See CONG references in this thread.

Thank you, AJ11. I found the thread and instructions. Very nice!

I may not be completing the search parameters appropriately; getting “no matching records found.” The permits were filed in Sept. 2018. I’m not sure exactly when they were spud but I entered 1812 for beg date, and 1912 for end date. Did enter county; got no data. I’m fairly certain that the wells are producing. Any suggestions?

Hi, John_Allen. You are welcome!. Did you enter a six digit drilling permit number? Go to the RRC Permits Page, choose Reeves, and limit the dates so you don’t get too many returns. Scan the Lease column and find your lease name. Clicking on the lease name will open a to a permit like this. At the center top of the newly opened page, click on the PDF link “View Current Permit”. That will open a document like this where on page 3 you will find the six digit permit number to use on the CONG website.

Sorry, I should have typed Glasscock, not Reeves.

AJ11, the property is in Glasscock County. I’ve found the permits for the wells; maybe I’m not getting the lease number right. I know it has to be a 6 digit figure; I got that figure from the box on the permit called Stacked Lateral Parent Well DP #. Maybe that’s not the right number.

I went to this RRC Permits Page, per your suggestion. Entered the API number for one of the wells…the county…the lease name (Tetris)…the dates for the permit with a 3 month range (09/01/2018 to 12/31/2018.) No results found. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Clint, I’ll be happy to share the well info:

  • Glasscock County, T4S, Block 35, Section 48.

  • XTO is lease holder; Diamondback purchased the Energen lease after the permits were filed in Energen’s name.

  • The API numbers for the wells in question:

173-37975 173-37976 173-37984 173-37986

You know, I just went back on the GIS viewer to get the name of the information box I was talking about, and I noticed that all of the lateral line indicators are not showing up. I wonder what this is all about? They’re not showing for any section; it’s not just my wells.

I found the drilling six digit Drilling Permit Number and entered it along with the “date” range 1801 through 1912 and Glasscock county on the CONG site for the first API number you shared. The “crude oil drop” page did not generate any results, but the “natural gas drop” did. See image below.

On the RRC GIS Map Viewer, go to your section. Click on the blue “i” in the blue circle icon at the top of the page. Choose “wells” from the drop down menu. Move your cursor and click on each well. When you click on a well, a pop up window will be generated. Choose the drilling permits link which will open another page. Follow the steps I posted earlier to determine the well’s drilling permit number and plug that number into both oil drop and lease drop on the CONG site.

Got it! Thanks!

I get one hit on the Gas inquiry; but all 4 of the wells hit on Oil. Is there a reason why that would be? I’m pretty sure they are all producing oil. I did see an explanation on the other link that some companies classify as “gas” for tax purposes, though the wells may be producing both oil and gas. But if that’s so, then why would CONG show one hit only on gas; but all 4 on oil?

You’re welcome. I can not answer your question and suggest you contact the RRC. Could the gas from all the wells be collected at a common point? Was one of the wells landed in a different zone?

All of the wells are at 9500-10,500 ft. They don’t have any unusual configuration that I can find.

Have you looked at the GIS viewer today? Can you see the HZ lines? I have, by history, been able to ee them, but not today. I’m wondering if they have changed the default settings; if I need to select a feature for them to show. If that’s the case, why would they have removed the HZ lines…or is it just something on my end? I’m wondering if others can no longer see them.

No lines representing laterals when I tried just now. Maybe the RRC is updating the system or ?

AJ…the GIS viewer has been like that since Friday…must be down for maintenance

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John Allen, public data is not boarded timely for new wells, and operators may board the same data at different times on RRC & CONG websites.

I’m tracking two wells spudded two months after yours, these two sister wells began producing in April simultaneously on same pad. For some reason, operator boarded production data on one well a couple of months before sister well. Operator did not board second well’s production on RRC website for 8 months, and still has not boarded its data on CONG at 9 months, although CONG reveals the well’s shell form with everything but the actual production showing.

Its a mystery why the operator fully boarded one sister well in 6-7 months, but still hasn’t finished setting up the twin sister well at 8-9+ months. I should add the RRC & CONG data differs a tiny bit, but close enough for “government work”.

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