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Anybody here?

I s there anyone in this group?

I am here but apparently nothing much to talk about. I joined since I am very familiar with the geology and O&G history of the Appalachians

I have property in Georgia. I have been told by my relatives that oil is there. How can I find out if there is oil and what do I do to have a well put there?

The only area in Georgia with any legitimate O&G potential in the far NW corner of the state - but I am not familiar with any historical drilling success there (although I know a few dry holes have been drilled).

There is a long shot for gas in the coastal plain area but never proved up.

Of course, there are no guarantees of their being any O&G in the subsurface in economic quantities - only the drill bit and lots of capital will prove that up.

First step is where is your acreage? Then if it is in a prospective area (and Georgia is considered a very lean state for O&G potential), an operator would come in and lease your and surrounding acreage to put together a block before drilling a well to see if O&G was there.

Of course, prior to any leasing there would be a lot of technical evaluation on historical data to try to evaluate the risks and probability of O&G being present.

Long process - especially for a state that I don't believe has had any economic O&G wells drilled

Thank you for the information. I believe there is a oil seep, or something near the surface resembling oil, that my grand parents found, and kept secret. They left the property to me. I have talked to a wild cattery. But I don’t know what to do.

If you google "Georgia Oil Seeps" you should find a 1971 PDF document by the Georgia Dept of Natural Resources on oil seeps in that state. A Mr. Sams is the author. After looking over this (I would have attached it but no way to do that on this site), it appears that oil seeps have been known to be present in the state for some time. Eight seeps are addressed in this paper.

Oil seeps are just that - the leakage of some oil to the surface. They are no guarantee of any economic accumulations in the subsurface. And I am sure that some O&G operators have looked hard at these seeps and the viability of drilling wells to see what may be there.

I would suggest you contact the Georgia Dept of Natural Resources for more info on this. They may be able to point you to info on your specific area as to old wells that had been drilled.

You can try to find a local (i.e. SE USA) O&G operator to contact to talk about possibly leasing your property for possible drilling, but in my opinion it would be a long shot to get someone interested enough to spend money on this project. The best bet for finding a possible operator would be to look at who is drilling in Tennesee (south of Nashville) and Kentucky.

A company called TenGasCo ( is also an option - in know that they have a small gas field near Kingsport. I mention them specifically since I know that they are familiar with the geological section that runs into NW Georgia (where I am guessing your oil seep may be located).

Good luck!

Is there any information about a company name Buckeye Exploration. They are Wild Catters in the Conestoga shale field.

Conasauga Shale Field

They don't have a website but I found this blurb that addresses their position in Georgia

Thank You Rock Man… I have been in touch with them before. I have that article also. I have been in touch with the company that you recommended, and BP. They are not doing anything in that area. BP did tell me to see if any other drilling was in the area and use one of those companies. There are none that I know of. This place is in the southwest part of Georgia.

Pretty good reference if you don't have it already.

SW Georgia is pretty far from any O&G drilling activity in the SE USA. But you never know what may happen in time.

Surprised to find that Clinch County is taxing undeveloped minerals as real property on their ad valorem taxes..... Hard times, I guess.