Geophysical Survey....what might it mean?

I rec'd a check from Dawson Geophysical for conducting a geophysical survey on our Reeves County property. I called Dawson and they said they conducted it for an outfit called Chenko. I found this a bit odd since we are in the middle of a 3 year lease for this land with OXY.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

John -- usually a seismic survey (e.g., '3-D seismic' most likely) is done over a large area that includes many sections, leased or unleased. FWIW, I am not familiar with 'Chenko'. Please provide a description/location of your property. Thanks -- Later -- Buzz

Dawson Geophysical is being done on behalf of TRNCO Petroleum Co - according to the letter from Dawson I received. Not heard of Chenko? Waiting on my check though.

Maybe I misunderstood the name....could have been TRNCO.

John -- likely acting as agent for a large O&G E&P...


Geophysical Exploration and Project Management, Midland, Texas

"TRNCO Petroleum Corporation is a leading edge company specializing in Geophysical Exploration & Project Management." Later -- Buzz

John -- could you describe where your property is located. Thanks -- Later -- Buzz

Reeves County section 50, Twp 7

John – what section? We could be neighbors.


What Block, John?'s block 50

Okay, now, we’ve got Block 50, Township 7, what section?

Hey…, we got the same from Dawson this week and they r not concerned whether we are leasing or not?

John -- just for the record, if we are talking about T&P BLK 50 TSP 7 SEC ?? (there is no SEC 50). Thanks -- Later -- Buzz

Hey JT - your location? Thanks -- Later -- Buzz

BLK 13 Tr 270

JT -- thanks. I'm just trying to determine if there is one or more seismic shoots in southern Reeves... it appears there may be either two 'large ones' or one 'VERY large' one... or ????? Later - Buzz

SEISMIC! Explain more!

JT - Dawson Geophysical is a ‘seismic company’... see:

“At Dawson, we bring together six decades of land seismic acquisition and processing leadership... "

Later -- Buzz