Geology of Block 13 F Ruiz Sec 300 Ab 555- Block 13 Sec 129 Ab 275


My family has owned 156 acres (surface and minerals) in Saragosa area since 1900.

116 acres Block 13 F Ruiz Section 300 Abstract 555 40 acres Block 13 Section 129 Abstract 275

We are under lease to Apache with 2-year option.
Just wondering if someone knows the geology of that part of the Alpine play.
We recently had offer to buy our minerals $14,000 NMA but we never sell our minerals.


8 stacked shale layers deep…stretched from east to west…anticlines are lined up side by side from south along base of Davis Mountains to north in Guadalupe mountains in New Mexico…all west of the Pecos River.

, Reeves county, Tx :sunglasses::rofl::rainbow::stars::ribbon::heart:

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Thank you so much for the info.

Any word of when Apache might begin to develop the area were our acreage is located. I haven’t seen any permits that are real close.


Vicki, FYI—-Apache just exercised their 2year option on my mineraials right next to you in section 59 block 13. I hope what Lawrence said applies to my minerals also. I hope Apache drills soon :crazy_face:


Thanks, Aubrey, for the info. Maybe they will be in our area real soon.


Block 13 section 129 is less than a mile from the major fault that defines the edge of the Alpine High play (based on a quick look at the GDS basement fault map). And we are talking about some pretty major faults, likely surrounded by a lot of complex, smaller features/faults that are associated with it as well. My hunch is Apache will step towards this big feature pretty slowly and carefully while delineating any risks surrounding them. I wouldn’t expect a lot of activity along the edge of the play there for a while… but you never know, maybe you will be the step out well they use to test the edge!

Aubrey, it looks like your section is caddy-corner to some of their good early wells with initially reported oil cuts of ~20%. I would say your acreage is essentially de-risked and hopefully not to far from being developed!


Thanks for the info, Kat. Really appreciate it.


Thanks Katkon, good news. At first I thought Apache had made a mistake renewing my lease, but I was told no way. They plan to drill by March.