General Questions About OIl and Gas Leasing in Oklahoma

If you have any general questions about oil and gas leasing in Oklahoma, or if you would like to get in contact with an attorney regarding specific questions, issues or concerns, please feel free to post on here or send me a message and I will try and answer any issues or concerns that might arise related to your ownership and leasing of oil and gas in Oklahoma.

Nathan, thanks for the opportunity. I have mineral rights in the NE Purdy Hart Unit and the NE Purdy Springer Unit. Several wells have been P&A. Does the unitization keep these tracts that have P&A'd wells in the HBP catagory until the unit is disbanded? Have units been disbanded in OK? Has a mineral owner ever brought a case before the OCC?




What county are you in and have you ever done a quiet title suit to dissolve a lease because a well is not producing in paying quantities?

I am an attorney in Oklahoma City, but handle cases all over the state as necessary, Have handled many of this quiet title situations/cases from both plaintiff/operator/lessee side, as well as from the side in question, that of the mineral owner such as yoursef. If you would like to pursue in more detail, please contact me via e-mail at and I will see what we can work out to review this situation and the issues involved. In paying quantities cases are somewhat case bv case and fact intensive when there has been intermitent production from a lease/unit. So it requires a discussion of the specific details and production history as well as a review of the underlying ownershiop/lease to see what specific provisions apply.

As to either of your questions I am happy to discuss and opine or set up a time to do so if you e-mail me at the address listed above. At that time I can provide you with necessary legal advice and guidance should you desire to pursue the same. As mentioned, I have worked on both sides of the fence on these issues, which has allowed me to have a better understanding of how I feel these cases might turn out in the end (Although nothing is ever certain). Thanks, look forward to speaking with you soon.


I own 7.1429 acres in Grady County, section 3-05N-7W. Like many, I inherited this position & am relatively light on knowledge as far as mineral rights leasing, sale, income, etc.

i currently have leased this acreage on a 5 year 3/16th royalty. I continue to get offers to buy the rights and can't determine the value of the offers versus the prospect of income from the lease. The latest offer is $2500/acre & seems tempting, but the activity & number of offers leads me to thing that there is value in holding them.

I know this isn't a legal question, but I'm open to any advice I can get.


Tom Bruce III