General Question Regarding Production

Hi all, I have a question. I received DO and Production has begun. We have a total of (6) wells active on a pooled lot of land.

I have received (2) checks now, as they are sent at the end of each month. However, it looks like (3) wells are pulling oil by Horizontal drilling and the other (3) wells are being drilled for Natural Gas. Any idea of the standard time frame for drilling if horizontal? I have had a few give me information stating the production time is much less if horizontal drilling. Is this correct?

Are the 2 checks you have received for the oil or gas?. What do you mean by “production time”?.

First check was for oil only Second check was itemized and shows (3) wells got oil and (3) wells for natural gas. Wells seem to be doing well. However, someone mentioned to me that if horizontal drilling is going on the “ life span of the well”. Is considerably shorter than other drilling techniques. I’ve researched and don’t find this info to be accurate but wanted to check with others that have first hand experience.

The answer would certainly depend upon which state, county and reservoir. In general, horizontal wells might last much longer than conventional wells as in decades longer. At least that is the prediction from my engineer on my horizontal wells.

Look on your check stubs for the production month. Oil is usually paid one month or so after the production month. Gas can be two or three months behind.

A very general time frame for drilling of a horizontal wells is three-four months for drill and completing a one section (640) acre well. It may take four-five months to drill a two section well.