General Oil Activity in Matagorda Co TX

I notice that there are no current postings regarding Matagorda County, and watching my royalties from my mineral rights there disappear I am pretty sure there is little going on there. I wonder what the new administration’s plans will do to what remains there, and also what does one do with mineral rights that seem to be nearly worthless. Is there any future in those fields? About a year ago I asked that question and received a reply that unless new technology or new horizontal drilling opportunities came along, it didn’t look promising except for what is currently producing. I’m looking for an update on that information. Thanks, Dee

We also have mineral rights in Matagorda County and aren’t hopeful about leases anytime soon. In the distant past, we had wells that produced natural gas, and that market is really down.

RRC shows ten drilling permits in Matagorda County during the last year. Not huge, but not totally gone either. About half of the permits are for new wells and the others are for recompletions of older wells.

Thank you for that information. Maybe there is hope!

I thank you for that news as well! Even a small increase might indicate it’s not totally depleted. My father obtained the rights when he was a young man in the 30’s and was an assistant to Edgar Davis who was the first to develop the area…if I’m not mistaken. There is history written about him. My Dad died almost 20 years ago. I’m glad he didn’t see how much things changed. He had a lot of really good years of lucrative royalties. Nothing to do now but wait and see what comes… It’s nice to know someone else in the same boat…Hi Laura! Dee

Hi, Is there anything going on in Collegeport, Tx. My family owned oil and mineral rights on several wells there leased by Apache Corporation. Many many years ago we stopped receiving royalty checks. After hours and hours on the phone trying to get answers, I was told that everything had dried up. I don’t know how to go about checking to see if it’s true.

Hi Dianne, without knowing more details, the story you were told appears to be true. There are a good number of plugged wells in the area that were previously operated by Apache.
You can check by using the RRC Public GIS Viewer.

Hi Peter,

Thank you so much for your reply. I am not very well versed in things such as RRC public viewer.
I am willing to learn but I would need to know how to access the GIS viewer.
I do have information on the wells in my files. Will this tell me about any production going on? Thank you again, Dianne

On Texas RRC website, one option is gis viewer which launches a map view of texas. You can select a county to zoom in. To get to your land, you can hit magnifier icon and enter Abstract number or section and block or survey. The wells will be shown by location with API numbers. Warning that this works best on computer and not on pads. If you have well name and either RTC lease i.d. number or API number, then you can search well information y err Queries and then Wellbore Query. Lease i.d. plus RRC District number can be used to pull production history under Queries and then Production Data Query System. RRC has instructions under Learn More and data under Launch Application. If you post well and land information, someone can help you more with this.

Keep an eye out for potentially Hilcorp. They a made a significant find in Brazoria county in 2020