General Drilling Question

I was wondering if someone might explain if this is correct or an error? I realize everything is delayed until March 23, Please forgive my lack of the correct terminology. One document shows Grady and one shows McClain but both show Section 13 6N 5W The Pooling application at OCC that I have subscribed to shows this- CD 2022-002299

Completed Well CostCodeCostCodes AFE DATE:7/8/22 COUNTY:McClain Co. OK Sec. 13-6N-5W Sec. 13-6N-5W PROJECT:Drill and complete 5K HZ Woodford well Olympia 0605 13-1WH AFE : Property: 0 0 FIELD:SCOOP

But the Exhibit 2 shows McClain Co (I know they have included Section 14 in McClain County as well) but is this an error on Exhibit 2 shouldn’t that read Grady County? Also what is the field Scoop listed above?

Case Number: CD2022-002299

Filing Date: Jun 14, 2022

Location: OKC

Program Area: Oil & Gas Conservation

Docket Type: Conservation Docket


PARTNERS LLC (Applicant)






Grady Sorry this is long thank you all for any of your knowledge on this. Don’t really know why I’m question thus because I really have no knowledge on this but just seemed odd to me.

13-6n5w is in Grady County. Most likely a clerical error so no cause for concern. It is on the McClain County Line. I haven’t looked at the drilling permit/information but it is possible the surface location could be in an adjacent section in McClain county. The SCOOP field designation stands for South Central Oklahoma Oil Play.

@TODD_M_Baker does this show you anything? I think maybe it’s a clerical error as well. If they even do it still lol. It has been push up to March 2023 it’s like watching paint dry.


Just a “cut & paste” clerical error.

@TODD_M_Baker Thank you.