Gcx pipeline

I own acreage in Pecos County,Texas. I have 100% mineral rights which I have no interest in selling at the present time. That being said,the GCX pipeline is coming directly through my property. They are wishing to give me a paltry $1500 to lay the pipeline through my land. Being since a pipeline is in operation a minimum of 30-50 years and probably longer, my land will be torn up for the rest of my lifetime !! I’ve heard charge per sq foot instead of by foot or linear rod(@16 ft.), to ask for a term lease( standard is 10 year). They’ve retained a law firm Zabel Freeman,who are now threatening me with eminent domain and wishing to pay only $86 total !!! Who in their right mind would let someone tear up their land for a lifetime for only $86 ? !!! I’d rather them go around my land !!!

Could someone with a little expertise on the matter please respond. It would be deeply appreciated !!!

The pipeline company has eminent domain power and you are not going to be able to prevent the pipeline from being constructed across your surface. It will not take any of your minerals. The issue for you is compensation per rod based on the size (diameter) of a single pipeline. Most of the companies installing very large lines (such as 36 to 42 inches diameter) and which have eminent domain power will not want to agree to paying every 10 years, but will pay more for an easement until cessation of use. If you are already at the point of direct involvement by Zabel law firm, then you have to act immediately to get this settled. From your description, it is not clear whether you own 100% of the surface and what the length is of the pipeline crossing your tract. There are several law firms, such as Barron Adler in Austin, which specialize in eminent domain ROW and will charge a fee based on a percentage of the increase in total payment. Buddy Cotten who writes on this forum also handles easements for surface owners and I do not know his fee structure. Or you can get together with other surface owners whose surface is being crossed by the pipeline and negotiate together. Do keep in mind that the pipeline will be buried so I am not sure what you mean about the land being continuously torn up. Bottom line is that with eminent domain power, the pipeline cannot be stopped.