Gastar Best no. 20-1H Section 29-18N-7W

I have just found out that I will be receiving something from this well. I am wondering if completion info may be available to me?

Thanks for all help.

Hi Pamela, There are several ways to get the information, but I always call the office of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC). If they don’t know, they’ll refer you to the right party. You won’t get anything from the oil company.

You don't need to call the commission. You can look up the records yourself. Type in 2918N07W in the location box. 1000 is the permit code. 1001A is the spud code. 1002A is the completion code. I just looked it up and nothing is released yet on the completion. It spud in December. Takes about three-four months to drill and complete. You should have first production six months after first sales. Your division order should come about five months after first sales. You should hear something soon. If nothing by late November, then call the commission.

Thanks for your information.