Gas pipeline ND


Energy company wants temporary work space on our property (6mo) to place a gas pipeline to connect Williams County to McKenzie County. Will not run through our property just temp work space. Any thoughts?


You should get a surface use lease. Best to find a knowledgeable oil & gas attorney to help you draft one. You should get paid a reasonable amount and have any cleanup taken care of.


They started at 5000.00 then brother in law got them to 50000.00 plus clean up revegitation and 20 new trees. That is the contract. They will use very small area along our fence line to use as work space only. NG pipeline to start next year. They will use the work space on our land for 6 months. No pipe on our property. I asked what was plan B if I choose not to sign and I was told they would have to go north. It would be harder and I am sure more expensive.
I want to protect this land. It was a gift from my father. I want to do what is good for us and everyone else too. I have heard many positive reasons to sign but I am pretty sure there are negatives too. They won’t tell me that I am sure. I am trying to get input from knowledgeable people because I am not as knowledgeable as someone who lives there. If I need an attorney do you know of anyone in that area?Thank you for you response. Jen


I do not live in that area, so don’t know anyone. How many acres are they going to use? You can try Google for an oil & gas attorney, but I have not had much luck with that in ND since many have a conflict of interest. Maybe someone on the forum knows of one.

You can try Google for hunting for surface use agreements for North Dakota. Or see what contract the state university lands use. Sometimes they are online.


Hi, thanks for your advise! I have contacted Dept of Ag. They were very nice and informative. Gave me same advice of contract attorney. Was given a name of a recommended lawyer. I also contacted the people that run their cattle on our property. I contacted the attorney, that is in the works. If good with attorney it is good with me. Thanks Jen