Gas mineral rights in Freestone County.. well is 'non producing'

Inherited some mineral rights in Freestone Co. It says ‘non producing’. How can I be sure? And the description of the property, how do I find out where exactly it is so I can inspect it to be sure it is really ‘non producing’?

I’ve been to the County courthouse a few times (we live about 100 miles off.) And I can come by and research if need be.

Thanks for any help!

If you will post the name of the well and operator and/or a legal description for your mineral interest (abstract number will work) then someone should be able to help you pull up that location and the latest production reports filed with the Railroad Commission and the Texas Comptroller’s office (CONG) for that well.

It is leased to EnCana Oil and Gas (USA) and the land is 55.0 acres, more or less, being 40 acres part of the J.S. Abel Survey, A-48 and 15 acres part of the H.P. England Servey, A-221.

The Railroad Commission records show one producing well in the two surveys you listed. A gas well called the Moore #1 that was drilled in 2003 by Union Operating Company is located in the southeast corner of the Abel Survey. It is now operated by JHP Operating and in Novmeber, the last month that has been reported, it was still producing.

The only thing in those two surveys showing up under EnCana’s name was a well drilled near the middle of the England suvey called the Bass #1. It was drilled by Matador Operating in 2003 and later taken over by EnCana but the records show it was plugged in 2013.

Unless the mineral rights you inherited are in the unit for the JHP Moore well it appears it is non-producing acreage.

Below are links to four pages from the RRC’s website. First is the map of that area where I’ve marked the wells mentioned above. The round symbols with a line through them are wells that have been plugged. The second page shows the latest production numbers for the JHP Moore well. Next is the unit plat for the Moore well, and the last page is the unit plat for the Encana (Matador) Bass well.

Freestone Co. - RRC Map - Abel A-48 and England A-221.pdf (675.2 KB)

Freestone Co. - JHP Operating - Moore 1 - Production Rpt.pdf (354.3 KB)

Freestone Co. - Moore 1 - Plat of Unit.pdf (261.4 KB)

Freestone Co. - EnCana (Matador) Bass Unit Plat.pdf (284.9 KB)

Thanks Dusty!! I’ll review the info!

One more thing… once a will is drilled how much acreage does it produce from? Or are they all different?


They are all different depending on depth, pressure, oil vs gas, shale vs limestone vs sandstone. The RRC will set the size of the spacing units in a given field, which determines who shares in each well’s production.

The plat for that Moore well says it is a 40 acre unit which is typical for a vertical well. Like Steve mentioned it’s possible the final boundaries of the producing unit were changed a little from what was in that original plat filed with the drilling permit but I expect they stayed the same. To be sure you would need to check the unit designation that the operator should have recorded in the Freestone County deed records after the well was completed.

When you said “how much acreage does it produced from” I couldn’t tell if you were trying to figure out how may acres that well might physically drain or which acreage should be receiving royalties from it. The bottom line is, regardless what acreage is actually being drained only the owners of the mineral interest on acreage that is within the boundaries of the producing unit receive royalties.

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