Gas Measurements on TX RRC Website

I understand what an MCF is - thousand cubic feet

I understand what a MMCF is - million cubic feet

I have been told to expect gas production from my wells to be 2.0 million cubic feet of gas, and that other surrounding wells have been producing that amount. When I looked at the RRC reports, my well didn't produce anything like that and neither did the other surrounding wells. I read these fabulous initial production reports, but never see any such production in the RRC for a specific well.

What is going on? Can someone explain?



There are many factors which can determine the gas production of a well. The initial production figures may be high and usually begin to decline thereafter. You did not specify where the well is located, but you can contact the district office of the Railroad Commission of Texas and they will have all the data on each well and all well test results. Further, they will be able to answer your questions regarding a specific field as to production figures.

Thanks! It is in Montague County and I’ll see if I can find this on the RRC.


The Witchita Falls (RRC) will be able to assist you with your questions. I don't have their number handy but you can find it on their website. I would not contact the Austin office as I have better luck with the district offices.

Sue McGuire said:

Thanks! It is in Montague County and I'll see if I can find this on the RRC.

I will make note of that. I can find the phone number online. Thanks.