Garvin28 1N 1W royalties

Normally receive revenue ck by 25th Have not heard from Continental Resources? Any information would be helpful Wiley well Thank you!

You should inquire of Continental. There may be several reasons why you haven’t been paid.

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Check your Division Order minimal amount. Many have $100. As wells decline, they may go below that amount and the royalties have to add up before issuing a check. You can reset the amount to $25.

Wait a week and see if it shows up and if the amount should be over $100 and it did not come, then call the Division Order department of Continental or their royalty hotline as Todd suggested.

Thank you, I will wait a week & see if check shows up. What is royalty hotline number? Thank you

Continental Resources Attn: MDG Department P.O. Box 269000 Oklahoma City, OK 73126 Email: Phone: 1-844-883-5CLR (5257)

Thank you Received an email from division analyst He said they were reviewing chain of title. We had paid for a title run in 2016. Does this mean they are looking for an error? Said there was a title update in the area. Does that mean enterest not correct? Thank you

Hard to answer that question until the the title chain is done. It could mean that other folks title has changed or they may have more information that pertains to you. If you already paid for a title run, hang onto it. You may need it for comparison. Some folks are better at others in doing the work.

Better to ask those questions of the person that sent you the email.

Thank you, I did ask him to clarify the reason but have not received a response. Took 7 days to get the first email Thanks again for your comments