Garvin/Stephens Co

I was wondering if anyone has any info on the planned CLR wells in Sec. 5 02n 04w that starts (I think) in Garvin co. section 32 03N04W. I believe it includes 17 02N 04W and 8 02n 04w. I did see where it looks like some might not be drilled. I’m holding out hope that some of these may still happen. I still haven’t figured this forum site out very well. Sure miss the old one but this is better than no forum.


Spud dates:

|35137275920000|3186|FORREST|4-5-8-17XHW 11/27/2019 |35137275910000|3186|FORREST|5-5-8-17XHW| 12/14/2019 |35137275880000|3186|FORREST|3-5-8-17XHW 12/16/2019 |35137275890000|3186|FORREST|6-5-8-17XHW 12/27/2019 |35049253140000|3186|CONDIT|4-5-8-17XHW| 1/10/2020 |35137275900000|3186|FORREST|7-5-8-17XHW| 2/3/2020

Are you talking about the Condit and Forrest wells? You can find the spud data in the OCC well records site. Search under 050204W. Test. I do not see completion reports yet.

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